Armenian Literature in Translations

Grant Announcement

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia has launched the program “Armenian Literature in Translation” for those foreign Publishing Houses who are interested in translating and publishing Armenian literature.

The aim of the above-mentioned program is to ensure that the best of Armenian prose, poetry, drama, journalism and children’s literature is accessible and known beyond the borders of Armenia.

Any foreign publisher who is a legal entity and has experience in working with foreign authors can apply for this grant. The applicants can apply for financial support to cover book translation.

The aim of the Grant Program is to provide financial support to foreign publishers publishing Armenian literature, thereby developing the interest of foreign publishers in Armenian literature and its translations in different languages.

The Selection Committee selects the works to be translated from among those presented and assigns a certain amount of money to each one, according to its characteristics.

Applicatiօns must include:

           ●  Application form for translation support;

     The translator’s CV (indicating experience only in the translation field, list of translations);

     Sample of the translation (2-5 pages);

     Copy of the contract or agreement entered into with the translator;

     Documentation certifying the transfer of copyright ownership to the publisher for the publication of the work mentioned in the application;

     In case of an anthology, please attach full data of the publication (authors, titles);

     Detailed budget of the project. Must be provided in accordance with publishing market prices of the target country. In case of overestimated budget the project will be discarded;

     In case of co-funding, an approval letter from the relevant organisation on the co-funding (indicating amount and category of expenses);

     Letter of commitment to publish the work within the stated period of time;

     Documentation certifying the legal status of the publisher;

     Copies of the publisher’s recent catalogues or electronic catalogues

Application deadlines:

The Publisher can submit the application from January 1 to August 30.

All applications are considered within approximately 2 months’ time after the expiration of the deadline.

Please send the application form and attachments to: [email protected] and write “Armenian Literature in Translation” in the subject field.

Please note that 20 copies of the book should be sent to the National Library of Armenia free of charge within a month of its publication.